Annotated Bibliographies

An absolutely gross assignment that goes along with research papers in a lot of classrooms. Annotated bibliographies are meant to make sure that the student is reading the sources they will be using and check for understanding of that reading. And yes, they work to that end. As I worked on one for a class … Continue reading Annotated Bibliographies


In class this week we took a look at Gwendolyn Brooks' poem We Real Cool. We talked about the different components of it and what made it the poem as it is. We brought up the alliteration, the simple syllables, short action verbs, and personal pronouns that characterize the poem. It's a fairly simple poem that … Continue reading Imitation

Ethics of Trigger Warnings

As I continue to work on a social justice project for one of my classes I continue to come across so many opinions about trigger warnings and safe spaces at the college level. Some articles are in support, others are against, and still others take more of a middle road. There was one specific article … Continue reading Ethics of Trigger Warnings