It's the time to start making plans for so many things! Planning to get a job, planning a move to a new apartment, planning just my whole future! It's kind of scary. But it's part of life and something that I have to do. For now, I am just going to be planning how to … Continue reading Plans


Worst Week of Semester

It's the worst week of the semester. That's right the week before finals week is finally here. In all it's frantic, anxiety-filled, stress-inducing glory. For the next one hundred and sixty-eight hours my life will be consumed with thoughts of school and finals. It may not actually be finals week just yet but it's the … Continue reading Worst Week of Semester

Mirror Mirror

Recently for my Young Adult Lit class we had to complete a book circle assignment. Basically we were broken into groups and each group had to read a book and complete some assignments pertaining to said book. We were grouped together according to what genres we typically prefer to read which made it a bit … Continue reading Mirror Mirror