It's the time to start making plans for so many things! Planning to get a job, planning a move to a new apartment, planning just my whole future! It's kind of scary. But it's part of life and something that I have to do. For now, I am just going to be planning how to … Continue reading Plans


And So It Begins

A new year. A new semester. And an internship have all begun within the last few weeks for me. Of course the new year and semester is quite a common thing. I mean everyone in the world started a new year. And every students has started or is going to be starting a new semester. … Continue reading And So It Begins

Worst Week of Semester

It's the worst week of the semester. That's right the week before finals week is finally here. In all it's frantic, anxiety-filled, stress-inducing glory. For the next one hundred and sixty-eight hours my life will be consumed with thoughts of school and finals. It may not actually be finals week just yet but it's the … Continue reading Worst Week of Semester