Planner Happiness

So if you’re in the planner community, you know exactly what this is. And it’s something that every single member of the planner community aspires to find. We’ll spend hundreds of dollars and hours searching for just the right fit. Seriously. HUNDREDS. OF. HOURS. Just browsing Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and the entire web in general. Also spending hours in Michael’s and Hobby Lobby doing the same exact thing.

I thought I had found it. But after a few weeks with what I thought was perfect, I was no longer happy. I just couldn’t make the layout work for me. And it sucked! I had to start from scratch. Or at least that’s how it felt. I went from perfect happiness and having all my stuff together to not knowing how I would be doing any of my planning.

So I started from square one. I kept using what I had been but it didn’t feel right. I tried other planners, even ordering new ones so that I could try them. But they still didn’t work. They were different but not right.  I bought so many stickers and sticky notes and just everything.

But I’m still not happy. I am currently using a bullet journal style set up. And it’s working. As well as it can. But it’s still not quite right. I don’t particularly enjoy having to write everything down on every single day. I wish I had more structure pre-done for me. It is nice to have some freedom to change every day but I also want some uniformity to what I’m doing. So here’s to finding my planner happiness and getting into my way of planning.


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