It’s the time to start making plans for so many things! Planning to get a job, planning a move to a new apartment, planning just my whole future! It’s kind of scary. But it’s part of life and something that I have to do. For now, I am just going to be planning how to get all the work that needs to be done done. And there’s just so much of it to do.

Not only do I have to plan for the things that have to be done but also the things that I want to do. So one of the things that I want to do is keep this blog going. I don’t want to give it up. But I am probably going to run out of ideas for what to write about. At some point, I’m going to start looking for different prompts online so that I can have somewhere to start. Doing this will allow me to write more often because I won’t have to think up the topic on my own.

As far as getting what I need to done, my planning and journals where I have all this stuff written down will be more important than ever. So here’s to getting everything done so my life can continue as normal.


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