And So It Begins

A new year. A new semester. And an internship have all begun within the last few weeks for me. Of course the new year and semester is quite a common thing. I mean everyone in the world started a new year. And every students has started or is going to be starting a new semester. But the internship is a little bit different. Not everyone has to complete one before graduation.

I haven’t done much but sit and observe. Yet with each day I get closer and closer to my goal of graduation and becoming a teacher. It’s just months away. (As long as I complete all the assignments and make it through internship.) It’s absolutely wonderful to know that with each passing day I’m making progress. And I can’t wait until I can make even more.

In the next few weeks I’ll be practicing teaching. Basically I’ll finally be putting everything I’ve learned over the past few years into use. That just sounds amazing. So here’s to new beginnings! And reaching new goals!


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