So this blog was started as an assignment for a class this semester. It was something that I had to do for a grade. I worked on it trying to post regularly, sometimes failing horribly but picking it back up the next week. And with this post I’ve reached the required number for the class. But I’m not sure I’m actually done. 

By blogging I’ve had an outlet for somethings that I just needed to think through. And sitting down and writing out 500 or so words about the subject gave me perspective on them. There have been many realizations come to me as I was writing these posts. Sometimes even ideas for assignments that I’ve been stuck on for some time. Honestly I don’t think I’ll stop even though I am technically done now. 

I’ve come to enjoy blogging and writing regularly. It was a break from the formal and sometimes a bit stuffy language of academia. I could write anyting I wanted and no one would care. It didn’t have to sound absolutely professional. It just had to sound like I wanted it to. And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve created a space that allowed me to write and think and figure things out for myself. If I stop now I will greatly miss it. It’ll almost be like I’m loosing a friend if I stop. So I won’t. I’ll continue to come back here as regularly as I can. I’ll write about life, and my thoughts and whatever else I so choose because no one is going to tell me that I can’t. 

It’s such a wonderful feeling finding an outlet for all the pent up. . . well, all the pent up everything. Yes I’ve gone through quite the gamit of topics on this blog but that’s ok. I don’t have to focus on one thing. I can write about whatever I want and that’s the beauty of it. Yes some people might eventually disagree with what I have to say but that’s ok. Not everyone in the world can have the same thought process. We are far to diverse a world for that to even be a possibility. Which is another reason blogging is so great. In creating my own I have discovered others and learned from them as well. Here’s to a continuation of learning and writing.


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