Gilmore Girls

With the new Gilmore Girls revival coming out, I’ve been trying to get through the seven original seasons. Let me just tell you that’s quite a task when you are in school and it’s near finals week. I honsestly have no idea how I’ve been able to get so far into the series. Just last night I made it to season five so I’m more than halfway done. It almost seems like a miracle that I’ve even made it that far. But I do have it on in the background a lot while I’m studying. It’s a nice distraction when things begin to get overwhelming in my school work. 

Anyways, in the last few days my boyfriend and I have been watching a few episodes before we go to bed. Now usually he doesn’t like any of the shows I’m watching on Netflix. He thinks they’re too girly. But he’s actually come to like watching Gilmore Girls. He’s even asked me to not watch too many episodes without him so he doesn’t miss too much. And he asks questions about the characters and what’s been happening so he knows what’s going on.

It’s a rather nice change. I never thought that he would be interested in one of my shows. Of course he might also just be pretending that he likes it since we’ve watched all of Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and Archer together. Those weren’t exactly my favorite to watch but I did because he wanted me to understand the references that he was constantly making to these shows. And by the time we got around to Archer I was actually beginning to start to like watching them. 

It was nice for use to spend some time together just the two of us. With me in school and him constantly working it’s become kind of rare that we get that time together. And a lot of times when he’s home and I’m done with homework we’re playing video games, which means that we’re talking with all our friends that we play with. So if he is just pretending to like the show so we can spend some time together I don’t care. It’s really sweet that he’s willing to do something like that for me and I love him for it. 


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