Unit Plan

For one of my finals I have to create a unit plan that centers around a social justice issue within a book. It’s something that we’ve been slowly working on all semester, from choosing our book in the first week of school to presenting proposals and rationales for the focus of our project. So that should make it easy right? 

Wrong! I’ve been working non-stop all week and I still feel like I’ve barely gotten started on the unit. Yes, I have other classes and projects that I’ve been working on but I have given time to this one as well. Quite a lot of time actually. And yet there still seems like there’s so much to get done before it’s ready to turn in. That might partially be because there is a lot that needs to be in the final product that we haven’t worked on but also because there’s just a lot to include. And it’s not even a full unit plan. It’s only ten lessons long and doesn’t cover the whole book that I’ve chosen. 

And now without my computer I can’t even access the project on my flash drive unless I’m at school. Yes, I have a wonderful tablet that is allowing me to get some of my other work done but it doesn’t recognize flash drives. Actually it recognizes it when I put it in but I can’t find it or access any of the files on it so I don’t understand the point of having a USB port if it’s completely useless. 

Back to the unit plan. I was really excited about it when I first started at the beginning of the semester. I chose what I thought was a great book that allowed for discussion on some really hard topics but it didn’t get too hard. But now that I’m near the end I’m tired of the book and the topics and the lesson plans. I know this is what I want to do with my life I shouldn’t get tired of it. But I also know that I won’t spend an entire semester on just one book. I’ll teach multiple books and plays and short stories and whatever else I want but I have to make it through my classes first. So back to the unit plan and my finals. 


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