E-Reader vs. Print

Ok. I’m getting in on the E-reader vs. print debate. It’s one that certainly has divided the reading community because most people are staunch supporters of one side or the other. I rarely see anyone that doesn’t take sides.

And I’ll admit I used to stand with the print group. I love the feeling of turning the pages, the smell of books (old or new), and the satisfaction of closing the book at the end. The experience of reading an actual book is by far superior to that of using some form of e-reader.

It’s also quite satisfying to look at a shelf of books and be able to see everything that you own. I mean one of my goals in life is to be able to one day have a house with a ridiculously large room in which I create a private library. Complete with a desk and a reading corner. I want a nice proper library for myself. When watching Beauty and the Beast I was one of the girls that wanted the library not the romance.

But in the last few months I’ve come to realize just how useful e-readers can be. I got a tablet for Christmas last year that had the Amazon kindle app on it and I’ve started to love the ease of access that provides. I’ve used it for several text books through the semester which meant that I was carrying one tablet instead of three different books. It’s also nice to be able to instantly download books from the internet and not have to wait for shipping to get them to me. So much time saved! I also really appreciate the back-lighting which allows me to read after dark without turning on the lamps and lights that would glare on my boyfriends TV as he plays games or watches Netflix.

In short I am a person that cannot take one side over the other. I still love the feeling of holding a book in my hands but I also recognize the convenience of having my tablet. I will probably always love the sight of a real library and the books lined up end to end but you just can’t beat the tablet for speed and convenience.


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