Worst Week of Semester

It’s the worst week of the semester. That’s right the week before finals week is finally here. In all it’s frantic, anxiety-filled, stress-inducing glory. For the next one hundred and sixty-eight hours my life will be consumed with thoughts of school and finals. It may not actually be finals week just yet but it’s the week that requires the most work.

During this week, every student will be constantly working to complete projects, studying for finals, or going to class. We’ve made it this far into the semester and now it’s time for the last hurdle to be conquered.

Over the next few days I will be completing a portfolio for Advanced Composition, a unit plan for Young Adult Lit, and several grammar exercises to keep the concepts fresh. In addition to this work that has to be completed I will be attempting to make time to study for a Cognitive Psychology final, a Classroom Management final, a Modern Grammar final, and a Young Adult Lit final. These are the things that make the hurdle that I have to get over to make it to Christmas break.

Though I have been working on some of these things for the entire semester the realization that this time next week half of it  will be turned in is a little overwhelming. There’s just so much. It seems like there’s no way that I can possibly get everything done on time. I mean how am I supposed to work on everything that I need to and get a decent amount of sleep. And I might as well forget about having any free time to read a book or play video games. Those are most definitely out of the question if I want to make good grades on everything. (hint: I do)

But then the question is raised of how do I survive the week without some form of stress release? Do I give up time working on my projects and studying for finals to relieve some stress by playing Overwatch of Battlefield 1, in which I can relentlessly shoot people in frustration? Or do I keep working with no breaks and possibly have a mental breakdown before I reach the end of the semester?

It will be a tough call but I will most likely take a small amount of time over the weekend to do some of that shooting. In order to make it to the end I will definitely need something like that. But I will put it off until the weekend, when I hope to have the bulk of my work done. Of course if that doesn’t happen then I will probably end up working straight through until finals are over. I guess it’s time to get to work and see how things turn out in my struggle to get over the hurdle.


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