Christmas Presents

It’s that time of year. Everyone is asking what I want for Christmas and I’m also asking everyone the same thing in return. But this year I have absolutely no idea what to tell anyone when they ask. I’ve thought long and hard. There’s nothing I want and nothing that I really need. Yes there’s a few things I need but I can’t tell that to every single person because then I’ll have too many of that and some will go unused. But what else am I supposed to tell them when they ask?

I have every single video game that I currently want, and I have nearly everything I need for my life. Yes I could use some more professional dress clothes but if I tell that too everyone then I’ll end up with too much. It’s also likely that I’ll end up with some clothes that don’t get worn because I just don’t like them. I’m very picky about what I like to wear and if I’m going to be dressing professionally everyday of the week then I want those clothes to be comfortable enough to be worn for that long.

I’ve also run into this problem when I ask my boyfriend and family what they want me to get them for Christmas. Nobody has anything that they really want or need so I’m constantly getting the answer of ‘I don’t know’. It’s a bit irritating but I totally understand not knowing what to ask for. After a  lot of prodding my boyfriend finally told me he could use some new scrubs but that’s not really enough. At least not in my opinion. He does so much for me and deserves so much more than just a few pairs of scrubs. That honestly seems a bit like a cop-out gift.

I know I’ve still got 20 days until Christmas but I don’t want to be scrambling in the last few days to get presents, especially with the amount of people that my boyfriend and I need to buy for. Yes, I keep track of what we get for both of our families. Mostly because I am the more organized of us. I keep everything written down somewhere so that I can’t forget about anything. But with Christmas the list isn’t doing any good. We haven’t gone shopping for anyone because we just don’t know what to get for them.


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