It’s the end of November. A time I was beginning to doubt would ever come. I mean obviously I knew it would happen eventually but I still felt like I had way too much to do with no time at all to do it. And that meant the I was beginning to wonder if the month would ever end. But now that it has I can look back on the events of the month.

During this month we had an election, something that everyone is talking about. Either you liked the results or you didn’t but now it’s time to accept them and learn to live for the next four years with the choice that has been made. I stand on the side that isn’t very happy with the results but I truly hope that I am wrong. I may not have voted for him but I truly hope that President-elect Trump proves me wrong and turns out to be a great president. I don’t want to see him fail. That’s like hoping that the plane you’re on crashes, which is just insane. I may not like him but I am not going to go out and protest. I have better things to do.

Also in this month I had my own hardship with the craziness that was my Praxis mishap. That alone caused the majority of my distress through the month. I had wanted to take the test and then move on to my school work but instead I ended up with a drawn out two week experience. It was not fun but now it’s over. I still have to take another test given by the same company but hopefully my experience will be much different this time.

There was also Thanksgiving! Which means going to see all the family in the world. Now I didn’t actually get to see all of my family but I went to four different houses for Thanksgiving. Three on the same day! There was my own family’s which happened Friday and the other three for my boyfriends family that were all on Thanksgiving. We didn’t actually plan the day like that but after spending time with his mom and that side of his family we decided to drive the 2 hours to see his dad and that side of his family. In doing that we stopped at his grandparents and his dads separately. Which made it three different houses in one day. It was great fun though.

Other than these big events I continued with school work and preparations for internship. So basically the same things that have been happening since the beginning of the semester. Except now I’ve started getting ready for final projects and exams, which meant a little more work to be done. But know it’s December and I can focus on finals and Christmas!


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