It’s Done!

So much relief! I finally finished the major project for a class today. It’s been something that we’ve worked on all semester so it’s never not been a present thing. Which makes it really weird that I now never have to think about it again, except when I get my grade back.

It was something like the third week of school that we chose our topic for this project. And from that point on I was always constantly aware of the need to research and put work into making progress for this. We had to write a proposal of what our project was going to be, an annotated bibliography with all our sources, and a presentation of our project. All these worked together to help focus the final project, but also made it a constant presence in my life. Because of all this work I consider myself a near expert on the topic of trigger warnings. You could ask me just about any question and I can answer it with sources to support my point. It’s gotten to that point.

And now that I’ve finished it I feel like there’s this giant hole in my life now where that project used to be. I don’t know what to do with my time anymore. I finished writing the paper, revisions and all at about 12:oo today but it wasn’t due until 3:00 and I had nothing else to do. Nothing for any class. I mean it’s the end of the semester. I’m supposed to be constantly working on stuff to get ready for final projects and tests but I had nothing.  I was honestly searching for something to do.

Yes, a college student was searching for something to do while on a break between classes. I know. It’s weird. Most college students look for anything to distract them from actually doing the work that needs to be done. But I was looking for some class work to do that would be productive. I’ve gotten so used to working straight through these breaks that it now feels weird to not have something to keep me busy.

Of course now that this project is done we’ve been assigned the final to begin working on. So I had one brief day of rest and now it’ll be back to constant work in all breaks.


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