Back to Work

Now that thanksgiving break is over it’s time to start the downhill slide of this semester. Yep. It’s time for the last three weeks of school, which will feel like a constant downward spiral of work and projects and studying for finals.

Thanksgiving break was great, being able to relax for several days, sleeping in with no alarm, and sometimes not getting out of my pajamas for the whole day. Those were wonderful times that allowed me to spend more time with my boyfriend and both of our families.

But now it’s time to get back to work. It’s the first day back from break and I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that will need to be done within the next three weeks. It certainly doesn’t help that the weather is terrible today, causing flooding all over campus and soaking my bags under my umbrella. That just makes everything feel all the more gloomy and dark. I am really trying to be positive about the next few weeks, as they will hopefully be my last few weeks of classes for a while since I should be interning in the spring and graduating in May. But with the weather so gloomy and the several looming projects that need to be done it’s a bit hard.

I look at the next few weeks in my planner and on some days there’s more ink than there is empty paper. That’s a scary thought. I know I’ll make it to Christmas break and hopefully pass all my classes but the next three weeks will feel like both a climb and a downhill slide at the same time. Let me explain. There’s just three weeks left so the time will fly by until the next break, making it feel as though I’m on a downhill slide that can’t be stopped until I reach the end. But on the other hand during this same time I will be finishing several projects and beginning to study for finals. All of that will feel as though I’m climbing up a mountain of work that I can never reach the top. Of course I will reach the top as well as the end of the slide, probably at about the same time. It is still a bit overwhelming to think about school and have both these feelings at the same time.

So here’s to the next few weeks. We students can and will make it to the end. No matter how impossible it might seem along the way.


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