Have you ever had anxiety about something? Maybe it was a test or an activity that you would be participating in but there was anxiety nonetheless. But no matter what it is, it comes along with the imagining of the worst possible consequences that could come about from the situation.

Well this past weekend I had to take the Praxis II test for English to become a teacher. And I had some serious anxiety about this test. I have to pass before I can intern. Which means I have to pass to be a teacher. So it’s understandable to have some anxiety about this test. I had thought through every possible situation I could come up with. Honestly, I felt physically ill Saturday when I was driving to the test center. There was so much riding on this one 3-hour test. And I knew that very well.

But I had never thought anything like what happened would or even could. When I got to the test center I started my test as normal. Everything was fine. That was until my test just stopped after the twelfth question. The computer froze and there was nothing I could do. So of course I called the test administrator over to fix it. He tried resetting the test on that same computer. When that didn’t work he tried moving me to another computer, which still didn’t work.

The test administration then tried calling the customer service to get things fixed. They couldn’t do it either. Well actually they could but not without shutting down the server and kicking the 15 other people that were testing off. So in essence there was nothing to do. The test had been delivered to the test center with an error in the code. I was stuck with no way to take the test that I so needed.

There was so much overwhelming anxiety on that day. I mean I just walked out to my car after being told I couldn’t take the test that day and cried for a good ten minutes. I mean I studied so hard for that moment to get nothing of it. There was so many feelings wrapped up into just a few hours and I had to let them out.

Thankfully the company that runs the whole show is absolutely amazing when it comes to customer service. They told me on Saturday that they would reschedule me for no cost to me. When I called today they did exactly that for me. The worked out a day for me to take the test that would allow for my scores to be reported in time for me to continue into my internship in January. That has relieved some of the anxiety but know I have another week to worry about the actual taking of the test again.



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