I’m Trying to Work

I’m trying to get my work done. I have a lot to get done for classes as well as worrying about rescheduling my Praxis because of technical difficulties. But you think it’s appropriate to come into the library talking so loud that I can hear you over the music I am listening to. Seriously, I’m not exactly listening to quiet music and yet I can hear every single word you and your friend are saying. Each word is crystal clear.

I came to the library to have access to a computer and quiet work area for a few hours between my classes. I even walked all the way to the back corner of the library to the lab that is totally separate from the other computers. This was partially because there is so many people in the library but that’s not important. I wanted the extra quiet and privacy of the lab. I sat in the very back so no one would be walking past me that might catch my attention. I did everything I could to make sure that I had the optimal environment to get through as work as possible in the limited time that I have.

And you come in talking on your phone about I don’t even care what. That gets me a little annoyed but you stop shortly after coming in. But then your friend comes along and you both start carrying on a conversation about a project and when it’s due. Fine. Whatever. I understand that knowing the due dates of projects is important but did you have to be talking so loud. Seriously. Every single word is absolutely clear over my music. But you didn’t stop once you established that the project was due tomorrow and not Thursday, you continued talking.

It was a good fifteen to twenty minutes before I stopped hearing every word you two were saying. And that’s partially because I turned up my music, not because you started talking softer. I already have enough hearing damage from years of being in band I don’t need any more because I’m trying to concentrate and you can’t shut your mouth! We’re in a library. It’s an understood rule that libraries are places that you whisper and keep quiet. Everyone in here is trying to do the same thing I am, work. We all have our own projects that we need to get done.

I know I’m not the only one in this room thinking you’re being too loud. One girl left the room, maybe because she was done but maybe not. The other got out her headphones and started her own music to cover up your voices. If you want to socialize with your friends go somewhere else. We’re trying to work and you’re incessant talking is making it a bit hard. So please for the sanity of those trying to complete our work in a timely fashion, go somewhere else.


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