Christmas Decorations

STOP RIGHT NOW!! It’s not time for that! We’re barely past Halloween. Give us some time to enjoy the holiday as it was meant to be. I know there’s people that jump into the Christmas mood as soon as Halloween is over. Hell, some people even start before that. And it needs to stop!

What’s is the use of decorating for Christmas before Halloween? Seriously? I want to know. Because I don’t understand. By doing that you skip over the best holiday of the year! Not only do you skip Halloween but you also skip Thanksgiving. Honestly it seems almost like Thanksgiving is being pushed out of the calendar because Christmas just overrides it.

I admit I will probably put my Christmas tree up in the month of November but not until after Thanksgiving! It may be the day after Thanksgiving but I’m still giving Thanksgiving its place. Not overrunning it with sparkling lights, ornaments, Christmas carols and other Christmas related items. It just doesn’t make sense to do that. Each holiday has it’s place in the order. They come one after another. Not whenever you decide you want to decorate for them. If that were the case I could claim that every day was Halloween and therefore I could wear a costume every day of my life.

As fun as that would be it’s a bit ridiculous. But there are people that come close to that amount of enthusiasm for Christmas. They want every day to be like Christmas, listening to Christmas music all year round, or having a tree up for an insane amount of the year. It just doesn’t make sense.

I’m not hating on Christmas. In fact I love Christmas but keep it in it’s place. Not all over the rest of the holidays. I mean we can see how it turns out when Halloween tries to take over Christmas in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I can’t help but to think that would be nearly exactly how things would happen if Christmas had tried to take over some other holiday. It would be a complete disaster. Whichever holiday was taken over just wouldn’t be the same, which is why Thanksgiving isn’t the same when people are spreading Christmas around. Each holiday is meant to be separate and unique. Not all smashed together and overrun by one holiday.

So please for my sanity. Keep Christmas separate from Halloween and Thanksgiving. You can decorate the day after Thanksgiving and keep the decorations up as long as you want but keep them off Thanksgiving and Halloween.


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