It’s been a month full of activity! Between school, games, and life there has constantly been something to get done or to go to. And it’s been wonderful!

In school I’ve been constantly working on one project or another, studying for one exam or another. The list of work to do is never ending. Each time I finish one thing another has already taken it’s place. Sometimes it feels as though each project is being replaced before the previous is even complete. I mean seriously I’m only taking five classes but the work never ceases to continue coming my way.

On top of the school work, there’s been several games come out in the month of October. First Gears of War 4, then Battlefield 1, and Skyrim: Remastered. Between those three there’s enough to keep a person busy for an entire month. Heck between just two of them a person could occupy their time for an entire month. And each game is amazing! They all have their specialized niche that they fit into but I absolutely love all of them. I haven’t played as much Battlefield as the other two games but what I have played has been great. October was certainly a wonderful month for the gaming community.

As for life there’s just been things to do and to get done. During this month I participated in my first Color Run, went to my pre-internship meeting, and celebrated Halloween. The Color Run was so much fun!  I never thought that something as simple as a 5k could be so much fun but I was thankfully proven wrong. Later in October I had to attend a meeting to finish up some application type stuff for my internship semester, which I will be starting in January. *fingers crossed* That took a day away from being able to do homework but it was definitely something that was super important.

And then Halloween. The last day of the month and the best day! I have to admit that I didn’t actually celebrate Halloween this year. I watched movies, of course, but I didn’t get to dress up or go to any parties or anything like that. I just didn’t have time for that stuff. I so wanted to but school comes first, so no true Halloween celebrations for me.

And this is just a cursory look at everything that I had to do during the month. But all of the work will be completely worth it when I finally graduate and get to do exactly what I want. It’s also great fun. I don’t think I could stand to have a life that wasn’t busy. I may worry about possibly trying to do too much but having nothing to do is not my style.


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