Skyrim: Remastered

Yesterday the remastered version of Skyrim was released. And I have been not so patiently waiting for this moment for quite some time. Until the moment I started actually playing I didn’t realize just how excited I was for this game. I had it marked on my calendar and pre-ordered and all that jazz but in the midst of all my work for school I haven’t had the time to truly get excited about the release of this game.

Now I never played the original version of this game. Mostly because I just started gaming within the last year. But I have played Elder Scrolls Online, which is the game that came out before Skyrim and the latest in the Elder Scrolls series. I completed that game. The first time through at least. After you complete ESO the first time through you can go back through the other factions, basically playing the game again with slightly different side quests to go along with the different faction that you are playing in.

And I absolutely loved playing ESO. The lore is amazingly detailed, accounting for all sorts of possibilities in the history of the world. My boyfriend, who has been a gamer for way longer than I have, played ESO with me and has also played Skyrim and Oblivion when they originally came out. When he heard that Skyrim was being remastered, he immediately made plans for us to play that too. He loved playing Skyrim and wanted to share that with me. At first I was a bit skeptical but now that’s I’ve started playing I can see just how awesome of a game Skyrim is going to be.

The story and feel are so completely different from ESO. I mean within the first minute or so after creating your character there’s a dragon! A DRAGON!! There weren’t any dragons in ESO. The action just immediately gets underway, moving the story right along and introducing the Stormcloaks and the rebellion against the Imperials. So much information and action just right at the start. And I loved it all! I dug right in and began to work through the game, paving my path with all my choices. I spent several hours playing yesterday and yet I still feel like I’m just barely getting started. There seems to be so much more to this game that I have yet to even begin to discover. I can’t wait to learn everything! I forsee hundreds of hours infested into this game over the next several months.


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