Gears of War 4

If you are playing or planning to play Gears of War 4 and have not finished then you should probably turn right around. Because I am not going to hold back. This post will most definitely contain spoilers for the end of the game. There’s your spoiler alert so if I ruin the ending for you it is not my fault.

My boyfriend is an avid gamer and has been slowly getting me into more and more games. About a year ago when he heard that they were working on Gears of War 4 he immediately began to have me play the other games so that I could play this one and know the background. And oh my gosh! There is so much that happens in those first three games. I didn’t play Judgement but I assume it has a lot of content too.

So I was slowly chipping away at finishing these games for nearly the entire year. I finished Gears 3 just days before early access for Gears 4 was available. Some people might say that’s a long time but as a college student homework takes priority. I don’t allow myself to turn on my Xbox until I have finished my homework for the day, otherwise I would never stop playing games. I also got distracted by some of the other games that I have been playing. But I finally completed all 3 games.

I began to understand why The Coalition decided to tell the story of the next generation with Gears 4. The previous games had a very tidy ending. By creating a new generation they probably also appeal to some of the younger gamers who haven’t played the other Gears games. But anyways, this past week I finished Gears of War 4. My reaction to the end was just to incoherently scream at the TV… Then turn to my boyfriend and just ask “how could they..?” Suffice it to say I was a little frustrated. I did all this work in the game to explore the world, discover the Swarm, save Marcus, and then try to save Reyna, only to discover that Reyna can’t be saved! She’s been integrated into the Swarm’s network and disconnecting her will kill her but that’s exactly what she wants so it’s what happens.

But not only does Kait have to kill her mom by releasing her but she gets a necklace which belonged to her grandmother. A close up of the necklace is the last thing before the credits. I was too frustrated to notice but my boyfriend pointed out to me that the necklace had the symbol of the Locust on it. Meaning that Kait’s grandmother could possibly be Queen Myrrah. The person I just spent three games trying to defeat before accomplishing it right at the end of Gears 3. Of course this knowledge didn’t help my frustration in the slightest. But opened up so many thoughts as to what this could possibly mean for the continuation of the Gears story. It definitely explains why Reyna wasn’t put into a pod like the other people that the Swarm was capturing but what does it now mean for Kait? Will the Swarm come after her next? Does Kait know what the necklace is? There’s just so many questions!!


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