Color Run!

This past Saturday I participated in my first Color Run. That’s right! The happiest 5k on the planet! And it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

I have constantly heard about different color runs. I’ve watched several friends participate and I’ve always been kind of jealous. It just looked like so much fun. Getting covered in neon paint while running a 5k and jamming to music. What’s not to love about that?!

Ok. So I didn’t actually run for most of it… I’m woefully out of shape. But the group I went with did make an attempt to at least jog for most of it. And we did fairly well, made it to the first color station before we had to stop and walk. Either way we made it through the whole thing with no accidents or injuries, which is better than some of the other participants.

This particular Color Run was a night run so it was dark before we even started and just got darker as we went along. The ground was also quite uneven so we had to be a little careful as we went along the course. There were a few holes that had to be avoided.

Since the run was happening at night the paint was glow paint, and my group was dressed in white, covered in glow sticks. We were also wearing rainbow tutus so we looked a bit ridiculous but that was the whole point. We looked ridiculous but we had a ridiculous amount of fun dancing through each of the color stations. Anytime we went by a black light it was a little blinding with all of the color and white on each of us. Once we made it to the end there was also an after party of sorts that involved a lot of dancing and even more color being thrown around. We were absolutely cover by the time we left.

The color was and still is everywhere! I think my shoes are going to be slightly colored forever. They don’t seem to be showing signs of fading anytime soon. But that’s totally ok! Honestly they look pretty awesome with all the patches of yellow, pink, green, and purple on them. I am so glad I finally got the opportunity to participate in the happiest 5k on the planet. And I can’t wait to do many more!


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