Yes. The musical that has been all over the internet and news for being so different and refreshing. It is something that I have heard and seen so much about but until recently had not really looked at or even listened to. That might be a surprising statement for some people considering how popular Hamilton has become but I just had not thought to look it up. I am not a person that normally listens to hip hop music so I kind of assumed that I would not enjoy Hamilton.

I was wrong… I finally listened to a few of the songs. They popped up as the performances from the Tony’s through Youtube and I gave in. I clicked on them and started listening. And then I listened to the entirety of the recorded album. Several times. It turns out I absolutely love Hamilton. Or at least most of it. There are a few songs that I don’t particularly care for but not because they’re bad songs but simply because they’re not to my taste.

I will gladly admit that I have become obsessed with the music though. There’s so much energy to the music and lyrics. Each time I listen I find new lyrics that I love. Asking me to choose my favorite would be absolutely impossible. I simply cannot choose just one. I also can’t listen to just one song from the musical but rather I find the playlist on Youtube that provides all of them for me. With that playing in the background I can sit and do homework for hours on end. And when the playlist finishes I just start it all over from the beginning.

Without ever seeing the musical I have come to love the story that is told and the characters that take their place in the action. I know the musical is the telling of U.S. history but it tells the story in such a new refreshing way. I hardly notice that it’s a history at all. In fact I am certain that I know more about the founding of our nation now. It wasn’t my intention to learn more through listening to the Hamilton musical but that’s what happened.

I never seem to get tired of the songs. And I can’t wait to keep listening to the album for a long time to come.


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