Staying Afloat

Ever since getting to college I have really struggled with the not having class every single day thing. It just seemed so weird and unnatural coming from 13 years of having the same classes day in and day out for years. With this major change came some confusion on how to schedule my time. And how to keep track of all the assignments and projects.

As a result I’ve gone through several phases of trying different planners to keep up with everything. Some have worked, others failed drastically but each one was a learning experience for me on my way to finally finding what worked for me. And I did! Or at least I’ve found what has worked the best so far for me.

What works best for me?

Simple answer: two planners. I know it’s a bit crazy to have two planners but in this day and age it’s actually becoming fairly common in the planner community. (Yes, there is an entire community for this.) In fact some people I’ve seen have as many as five planners that they use. Now that I don’t understand. I hardly understood using more than one until I recently decided to give it a chance. And it’s worked wonders for me!

I have a Happy Planner (a wonderful brand!) that I use as a way to keep track of all of my upcoming events and assignments, even those as far out as finals. I use the monthly and weekly set ups as reference for what I need to get done within each week.

The other I use is just a notebook that I found at Walmart, which I have customized to be of the greatest use to me. I keep some trackers in it for specific assignments and activities as well as things I would like to do, like my list of books I want to read. But I mostly use it for a daily to do list to keep each day in order. I either write out the plan the day before or that morning so that I have some structure to each day.

By having this type of a set up I keep track of dates far in the future as well as those deadlines that are closer. But I also keep a running list of things that are in progress on my daily to do list. This list reminds me of those dates that are a ways out from the day, which allows me to be conscious of those days as they move closer. It also makes sure that I am doing little bits of work as I go to make the load a little better when I get to the last few days before the assignment or event.

It may seem a bit crazy to have two planners but its the best for me to get everything done. Since I started using my planner and notebook in the manner that I have I feel so much more in control of what’s happening in my life. I may not actually have control but I at least know when things are going to be happening. And that’s really nice.


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