If you’ve seen the show then you know exactly what that title is about. If not, I’ll let you in, it’s How I Met Your Mother. A TV show that is wonderful but also heartbreaking. There’s a lot of mixed emotions that are brought about from watching this show. It has a disappointing end but was still completely worth the watch.

If you’ve seen the show then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I mention the disappointing end. There are nine seasons of this show. And I just recently finished it, after having binge watched on and off for months.

The show tells the story of a group of friends living in New York. It follows their adventures for several years as one of their members, Ted Mosby, searches for love. The show tells of his many and varied attempts at finding “the one”. The entire show is framed as a father telling his children about how he met their mother. Some of the stories are truly something that I would only expect to see in the context of a show but they also made me wonder if they had actually happened to someone.

Anyways after watching all nine of the seasons and finally getting the full story, it turns out I didn’t really want to know. The show takes an unexpected turn, leaving the path of the entire show. And it was infuriating! I had invested all that time in watching this show, learning about these characters, coming to love them each for their own quirks and then BAM!!

I mean how could you do that to an entire viewership! Spend nine seasons setting up for the children learning about how their father met their mother only to learn that she… Well I don’t wan to spoil it for anyone. But still! To build up to one thing and then shove something completely different at the audience within the last few minutes of the last episode. There wasn’t even time in the show to completely process what was happening before it was just over…

It was so completely disappointing to have spent so much time waiting for one thing to experience another.But that doesn’t change the fact that I still loved the show. It was wonderful to watch. The writers just chose to end the show in a different way than I would have. And that is totally okay. I just slightly wish there was more time to process the surprise before the absolute end. Oh well, what’s done is already done. Here’s to finding another show to binge watch while I study for classes.


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