Midterms. Half-way through the semester. That’s the place we’ve reached for this semester. Along with this time comes several tests, projects, and assignments that have to be kept track of and done.

There’s always a list of things to complete. And no matter how hard I work. No matter how many days I devote to working on homework I never seem to get through it all. The list is more of a rotating door, always bringing even more assignments to complete. And that doesn’t even include the studying that needs to be done. Each test requires several hours to just to feel as though everything has been review, much less feel confident enough in my knowledge to not worry about the test.

Some might say that’s just how I’m feeling. But I know that’s not true. As I talk with friends we joke about not having hobbies because we don’t have free time. Or we joke about never seeing out friends because we don’t have the time. We joke that we feel like we’re dying from the amount of work we’re doing.

But it’s not a joke! We really don’t have the time to spend doing anything other than studying or working on assignments. It’s not uncommon for me to not see friends for weeks at a time because we just don’t have the time to stop studying and go outside to see people. And most of the time I see them as I’m heading to or from the library. I don’t plan to see them, it’s just lucky circumstances that caused our paths to pass. In fact I’ve only seen my friends once off campus. And it took us nearly three months to all have the time to meet up for a chat.

So yes. I feel a bit like I’m drowning in all of the school work that I have. But I also love what I’m studying and know I’m getting so close to the end. I may be exhausted but I am finally reaching the end of my college career. And maybe that’s part of why I feel so exhausted. All my classes have extra weight because I have to pass them if I want to graduate, so I’m stressing a bit more about making good grades. I guess I just have to learn to stay afloat in the waves of work that are continuously coming my way.


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