You Get What You Give

So it’s a fairly simple concept. You get out of things what you put into them. It’s something that a lot of people are taught at a young age, especially in regards to their schooling. You get the grade that you put the effort into getting. And that makes total sense. When you put more effort towards making something great you generally get better results. So why is it that some college students feel that they aren’t getting what they should out of their college experience?

Well the answer is quite simple. And Susanne Crouch absolutely nails it on the head in her article for the Democrat Gazette “Responsibility ours: College’s value what we make it,” when she says that it is the students personal responsibility to shape their “college experience long before the degree is earned” (Crouch). She advocates for the use of “the variety of college resources that exist beyond the purely academic experience” (Crouch). In essence, it is not the college’s responsibility to give you the real world experiences that some graduates feel they are lacking if you as the student are not willing to go out and experience them.

A students time in college may be meant for them to learn about their particular field and what it is they need to know in order to be able to perform their job but it is also a time to grow as a person and find who you truly are. This may even mean changing your whole plan for your life. I know mine has changed a lot since starting college. I’ve changed majors and decided that I do actually want to get that doctorate degree one day.

If you had asked me my freshman year where I saw myself in 5 years time I would have told you graduating with my music education degree and trying to find a job in that field. Now I’m still getting ready to graduate but as an English education major with a psychology minor. I took my college experience and shaped it into what I wanted to get from it. The experience has changed me also but only good changes. I have learned so many different tools that I will one day in the not too distant future will make use of to teach the next generation.

So I agree with Crouch. It is the students responsibility to shape their college experience how they please. If the student goes out and looks for those real life experiences they will find them in abundance, but a college student can also miss them simply by just attending college.


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