Thinking About Teaching

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and where my life is going. I’m in my senior year and starting to apply for my internship semester and graduation. Going through all these processes has caused me to begin thinking about my future and what it will be like.

I’ve also been thinking about what it will be like to be teaching. When I graduate I will be certified to teach anywhere from grades 7 to 12. I’ve always said I would much rather teach on the older side of my certification, focusing on grades 10 to 12 but recently I’ve been wondering what the younger grades would be like to teach. The only real teaching experience I have is from my summer job as a substitute at a daycare. And I don’t know that I’d truly count that. My main job is to just be in the room and add an extra set of eyes to watch the kids and make sure no one gets hurt. I don’t actually do much teaching at all.

But from that little bit of experience I have learned that I definitely don’t want to keep working at a daycare. Don’t get me wrong I love the people I work with but I just don’t enjoy the work I’m doing. Or rather lack of work. Because I’m just a sub I have no real responsibilty aside from making sure the kids don’t get hurt there’s not much I do.

When I think about my future I get really exicted. I’m going to be the one making the plans, setting the room up, and  just generally running the classroom as I see fit. I won’t just be an extra set of eyes in the room. I’ll be more. I’ll be the teacher. And that’s an absolutely amazing thought!


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