Ethics of Trigger Warnings

As I continue to work on a social justice project for one of my classes I continue to come across so many opinions about trigger warnings and safe spaces at the college level. Some articles are in support, others are against, and still others take more of a middle road. There was one specific article … Continue reading Ethics of Trigger Warnings


College Safe Spaces

About a month or two ago the University of Chicago received quite a bit of public attention for a letter that had been sent to the incoming freshman class. The letter was written to tell the students that they would not find safe spaces and trigger warnings at UChicago since the school will not support … Continue reading College Safe Spaces

Advice from a Professor

So we've hit that time of the semester. That time when tests are beginning to creep into the schedule, creating more stress and anxiety as students try to cram all the studying they haven't done into just the few days before the test. But it also brings with it the after test review classes in … Continue reading Advice from a Professor