Back to School

It’s that time of year! Back to school for students and teachers across the country. This time of year brings along a mix of emotions with it. Of course that medley of emotions varies from person to person but there are some that most students and teachers have in common.

  1. Excitement: It’s a new year. Which means new experiences for everyone. New teachers, new classrooms. Maybe even a new school with new classmates if you’ve moved over the summer. Everything is going to be different from the year before so it can be exciting to think of what might happen throughout the course of the year. But there can also be excitement for getting to see old friends that you might not have seen over the summer.
  2. Confidence: Some students and teachers are effortlessly confident about the upcoming year. They are prepared to take on whatever challenges that may arise throughout the year and pass them with flying colors.
  3. Reluctance: Just a little bit. Probably in relation to having to actually get up before noon everyday. Because let’s face it most students don’t get up early in the summer unless they really have to.
  4. Anxiety: For some people this is also an emotion that can come along with the back to school season. Anxiety about having to be around the other students, or possibly have to answer questions during class. For some students there might also be some anxiety about graduation. Will they pass all the classes to graduate? Or will the fail and be delayed in graduation? These questions probably come more from college students than anything else because money (in the form of scholarships and loans) has become a factor in their education.

Of course these are just a few of the possible emotions that students and teachers might be feeling on the night before back to school. I know some of these are the emotions I felt just a few days ago when it was time to start my last year of school. I felt the excitement of coming back to school and getting to take new classes and learn new things. But I also felt the anxiety of wondering if I’ll be able to pass and progress to my internship in the Spring and therefore graduation in May 2017.

But now that classes have started and I have a better idea of what will be required I am confident that this semester will be a great one. It’s time to buckle down and get to work. Good luck to everyone going back to school!



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